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PPL Ground School - Steve Wilkes Seminars

S.W.S is a CAA registered facility offering ground training for all aspects of the JAR PPL, situated between Wormingford and Earls Colne airfields on the Essex Suffolk border.

Other venues are also available including Andrewsfield, Crowfield, and the IWM Duxford.

We have a dedicated fully equipped lecture room which is arranged for computer based learning. All of our Pilot Ground School is centered on the use of computer aids to help illustrate each aspect of the PPL Syllabus. Do not think that this means you will be left to your own devices, far from it but it does allow us to illustrate and demonstrate various technical subjects in a clearer and simpler way for you to understand.

Each and every pupil has their own monitor screen, desk and lamp; this we find eliminates anybody having to peer up at a distant projector screen.

In addition Steve Wilkes Simulators has an adjoining Banderante cockpit section which is used for Radio Simulation practice. This is in fact a full size turboprop cockpit with a fully functioning moving map display to add to the realism. [For anyone into big boy's toys, its great fun!]

We would like to point out that any study undertaken prior to commencement of a course, will be invaluable to you. Just reading through the Trevor Thom or Jeremy Pratt books a few times is far more beneficial than anybody could realize. Don't worry if you do not understand much of what you read, we will then sort out and make sense of all that disparate information that has been absorbed by You. This in return makes any course far easier and enjoyable for us all.

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